Useful Links

The following Internet Links may be of interest –

Northumbrian Bees Blog.

Ian Jobson’s Blog posts on sharing his passion for bees…….

Honey Regulations.

If you are interested in Honey Production then the Honey Regulations will be of interest to you:   Honey Regulations UK

News and Information

The British Beepers Association (BBKA) is our parent organisation and all our members are automatically members of the BBKA. The site provides news, information, education and a discussion forum

Bee-Craft is a monthly magazine. A very informative website at

Dave Cushman was an eminent beekeeper who sadly passed away in 2011. He spent years building a superb website that should teach you everything you need to know. The website is being maintained and updated by his close friends and colleagues.

The Beekeeping Forum is an independent forum with over 7,000 members.They post on a wide range of topics and there are many experts and professional beekeepers on hand to give advice. Often irreverent, sometimes controversial, always informative.

Bees for Development is a charity that promotes sustainable and affordable Beekeeping in poor areas of the world. Thought provoking.

Apiservices is an index page featuring 130 organisations, equipment suppliers and journals in 36 countries.

The National Bee Unit is part of Fera and conducts essential research relevant to British Beekeepers. You can also register with them to allow you to take advantage of the bee inspection scheme.

Eric Tourneret is an outstanding french wildlife photographer who travels the world taking jawdropping photographs.

Equipment and ‘stuff’

Shawn Scrimgeour is a local craftsman who makes excellent Red Cedar hives at very reasonable prices. Take a look at his website.

Thorne’s are a large and long established provider of just about everything a beekeeper will ever need.

C Wynne Jones Stock a full range of beekeeping equipment

BBWear are manufacturers of beekeeping clothing

Paynes beekeeping equipment

Sherriff Manufacturers of beekeeping clothing

Maisemore Apiaries. Bees and Equipment

North of England Beekeepers Convention.   They organise a beekeepers convention every year around Easter time, with excellent speakers and a big range of trade stands.