Shop Pre-Order

Due to the virus and the chaos associated with it, we are not currently opening the association shop. We, Alan and I, are running a reduced click-and-collect service from home.
This is how it works:

We will provide only Frames, Wax, Supers, hive tools, and Varroa treatment. Price list below.
You email me with your list of requirements. Please do not phone orders in. I monitor the email all the time, so it will be dealt with as soon as I can.
I would then reply with an invoice which you would pay by BACS if you can – this is the preferred method. I will accept cheques if absolutely necessary.
Once payment is confirmed I will reply to arrange a time for you to come and collect the order.
We will leave a plastic bag of the items outside the door for collection with your name on. We will have thoroughly washed our hands prior to packing to ensure it is as safe as we can make it.
If you have pre-arranged to pay by cheque a box will be next to the order for you to drop the envelope containing your cheque – please include your name on the envelope.
You can then take the order home and take the appropriate anti-virus measures as you would for any shopping.
We are fairly low risk for the virus as we do not go out very much.
Please do not turn up on-spec as I will not be selling directly from the door.

Price List
Brood Frames – pack of 10 – £8.50
Super Frames – pack of 10 – £8.50
Frame nails – 50g – 70p

Brood Wax (10) – £9.85
Wired Super Wax (10) – £6.50
Unwired Super Wax (10) – £5.50
Thin Super Wax (10) – £4.40

Super – £16.00

Hive tool (square end) – £3.00
Hive tool (J type) – £10.50)

Thymovar (1 hive) – £4.00
Apiguard (1 hive) – £4.20
Maqqs – £4.50