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  • Winter Program - The winter program starts on Wednesday 11 September at 7pm at Swarland and continues on the second Wednesday of each month, the last being in April This has been devised by Christopher Benjamin and the first is to be  given by David Pearce and the subject will be Winter Preparation So if you could take … Continue reading Winter Program

Welcome to our web site. This site is for the benefit of existing members, people who would like to know more about our Association, and anyone who is interested in bees! The site is a ‘work in progress’ but it belongs to you, the members. If you have any suggestions about the site content, or would like to contribute articles, photographs, tips etc., please contact keithgrimes2@gmail.com

The Alnwick and District Beekeepers Association (ADBKA) is one of three Beekeeping Associations in Northumberland and Tyneside. We are one of the oldest Beekeeping Associations in the Country. Our origins are lost in the mists of time, but we have records of meetings dating back to the early 1890’s!

We are a welcoming and helpful group of around 120 people covering the whole length and breadth of the county. We are dedicated to the welfare of the Honey Bee, and strive to teach (and learn) more about the craft every year. Our membership ranges from complete novices to people who have been keeping bees for 50 years or more.

If you are interested in joining us, please go to our membership page and REMEMBER, no experience necessary, we were all beginners once.