Asian Hornet information and call for volunteers

You will know that the Asian Hornet has spread across Europe following introduction into France in 2004. Progression by the new Hornet queens (Foundresses) is thought to be up to 80km a year based on experience in France. The Hornet extended through France to Spain and Belgium in 6 years and Portugal in 7 years. We now have had sightings in the south of England in 2016 with nine sightings in 2018, the nearest in Hull
Predictive maps suggest that in 10 years it would be well established across South of England and Wales and 20 years in the North. The milder weather of late will encourage the Asian Hornet to spread faster.
Brian Ripley is our Asian Hornet Area Coordinator and has prepared a description of it and action to be taken and the experience of a French beekeeper. See this document.
The ADBKA Committee discussed the threat and proposes that beekeepers should hang out traps, maintain the lure to attract the Hornets, and take part in regular monitoring.
For the latter it would mean that the hives should be nearby or that you make regular visits to your apiary.
Ideally, we need to detect the Hornet as soon as possible, hence regular monitoring. Similarly, the nests need to be destroyed by trained experts as soon as possible, but particularly in late summer before the new queens escape.
The Association is considering buying traps to start the surveillance program.
If you are interested in being part of the monitoring program please let me know.
John Wilsdon