Photo – John Meech
Our apiary is situated in secluded mid-Northumberland. It is a very valuable asset for teaching and learning. We have, on average, between 10 and 20 colonies in any given  year. The apiary is used primarily for teaching, this is where new beekeepers can work alongside more experienced members and learn ‘hands-on’. We have facilities for queen rearing and every year produce ‘nucs’ for sale to members at a very reasonable price. Honey from the apiary is sold to swell the association’s coffers. There is also a shop on site that sells basics at a very low price; frames, foundation, starter hives and chemical treatments are just some of the items we stock.
Photo – John Meech

The Apiary is open to all every Saturday in the Summer from 10 am to 12 noon. We are always looking for volunteers to train beginners and also to help with the routine maintenance of the apiary. Contact any member of the committee for information.


You can read the 2016 apiary report here apiary-report-2016