What we found in two hives at the apiary on Saturday

Peter Rose reports:

Today two hives at the apiary were briefly inspected for the first time this year to assess initial status.

In both hives extreme congestion was noted in the brood boxes due to an excess of sealed stores with few empty cells for the queens to lay. Only sealed brood was noted indicating there had been no new eggs laid for over a week. Clearly colony development is not being maximised and will cause overall stress.
In each hive three frames of sealed stores were removed and replaced with empty drawn frames on each side of the brood nest, and a super also added over a queen excluder, as bees were building brace comb in the eke where fondant had been given.
The oil seed rape is coming into flower so room for nectar will be needed

ADBKA members should be advised of what we found today and that in well fed colonies extra space for brood and nectar may need to be given